What is CodeBand™?



CodeBand is an anonymous social networking game, with a physical twist. Each player has a unique wristband with a special code on it. Players share their code with other players and score points by entering their "friend codes" on the codeband.com website. Points are awarded based on various factors, with a winner every month. The idea is to give players an incentive to meet and interact with new people.

How do I play?

Purchase a CodeBand to get your own wristband with a unique code.

Your CodeBand will come with a secret password to login to the codeband.com website. Do not lose or share this password!


When you MEET a friend with a CodeBand, simply share codes with each other so you can each enter them on the website.


Once you both have entered each other's codes on the website, confirming the connection, you both score points.


If you score the most points by the end of the month, you WIN!

At the end of each month, the game resets and all scores reset to zero, giving everybody a fair chance of winning again the next month!

How do I score points?

In order to score points, each "connection" must be confirmed. This means both parties must exchange codes and enter them on the website.

The first person to enter the "connection" gets +6 points (once it is confirmed), while the second person (confirming the connection) gets +4 points. So it pays to be the first person to enter the code!

Similar codes will score "bonus" points. For example, if you meet someone that has a code with the same first two characters as yours, you each will get +10 bonus points for that connection.

When you Level Up, you will get +?? bonus points, which increase at higher levels.

You may run into some SPECIAL codes out there that are worth additional bonus points.

What do I win?

If you have the highest score at the end of the month, you are the winner! You can claim your badge, which is an addon for your bracelet to show off to your friends. If you win, you will see instructions on your status page, showing how to claim your badge. You can win multiple times, and display multiple badges on your bracelet! There is no limit.

What is a "pending connection"?

If you are the first person to enter a new connection (by entering a friend's code), that connection will be considered "pending" until the other person enters your code. Once they enter your code, confirming the connection, you will get points added. Because you were the first person to add the connection, you will get additional points.

Why can I only have 5 "pending" connections?

This is a game feature to keep players from sharing codes with a large number of players at the same time. Since each person can only have 5 pending connections, it keeps the game more "fair."

If you have 5 pending connections, you can always cancel one to make room for another.

Can I change my CodeBand password?

No, in order to keep anonymity within the game.

If you lose your password, you can either purchase a new CodeBand, or contact us at "support @ codeband.com" for instructions on how to send your CodeBand to us and get your password reset for a small fee.

What personal information does CodeBand need from me?

We do not require any personally identifiable information in order to play the game. However, if you win and want to claim your badge, you will need to give us a valid name and mailing address.

Please also refer to the CodeBand Privacy Policy.